How did this water seep in?

‘Wind Driven Rain’… that’s how.
Did you know that your insurance policy may not cover water damage from ‘Wind Driven Rain’ because it may be from a ‘Named Storm’? (Think Irma, or Dorian).┬áIf rain enters a home or business during a Hurricane event the damage to the interior of the dwelling is not covered. It would be covered under a separate policy which is ‘Wind’ coverage.
What damage can ‘Wind Driven Rain’ cause to the inside of your home?
  • Water damage to your floor
  • Water that has seeped in behind your walls and is now creating a moldy environment that you can’t see
  • Water touches your electrical cords behind the walls, or the outlet below the window
  • Windows are blown out
  • Furniture is soaked
  • Appliances are ruined
  • The list goes on…
These issues can create a very large repair bill for you, unless you have the right coverage before the wind blows!

We’re here to help you understand how to properly cover your risks in the ever-changing weather of South Florida!
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