The Equifax Hack – Protecting yourself Even After the Hack

Have you ever received a fraud alert on your credit card? Or a notice that your records have been compromised by a data breach at a large retailer? Then you are amongst the millions impacted every year, and it’s only getting worse.

Equifax, a credit reporting company with access to all of your personal data including social security numbers, credit card numbers, and driver’s license numbers, was breached in both May and July, impacting over 143 million customers who now have to be concerned about what to do next to protect against identity theft and potential misuse of their personal information.

Many have no idea how to handle their situation or where to turn for guidance – since, ironically, Equifax would provide guidance on data breach issues to their clients.

Here are some important steps to consider:

  • Change all passwords
  • Check all your accounts – Business and Personal, credit cards, online banking, and investment accounts – for any suspicious activity.
  • Keep monitoring your accounts over the coming months, the hackers may not use your information right away.
  • If you find something, notify credit and law enforcement agencies. Some insurers require a fraud victim affidavit and a police report to process claims.
  • Request a ‘credit freeze’ with each of the credit reporting agencies, which prevents someone from accessing your credit report to create new accounts.
  • If you personally have Identity Theft, or your business has Cyber Liability Insurance, check into your policy to see the coverages and recommendations


If one of our largest credit reporting agencies is a victim to hacking, then we are all potentially exposed. Taking the right steps now to protect your personal data, just like you would your home, your auto, and your family, is the responsible step to take next.

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