Why make a home inventory list before a storm?

An up-to-date home inventory will allow you to:

       1. Leave town quickly, but prepared. Taking inventory of every item in your home and garage now either on a list, or with pictures, will remind you of what you might need in an emergency. You can then make another shorter list of things for your Hurricane Preparedness Kit. It will also alert you to what is missing, or to refresh supplies if you did have to evacuate quickly.

       2. Make filing a claim as simple as possible. Most people cannot remember what they had for breakfast much less recall the contents of their attic, kitchen cabinets or downstairs closet after a fire, storm or other catastrophe. Disasters are scary and stressful, which can make trying to list damaged property for a claims form even more challenging. Having your belongings already documented in your home inventory can be a huge relief at times like these.

       3. Substantiate financial losses for tax purposes or when applying for financial assistance. Following a catastrophe, the only way to determine whether you qualify for a tax break or disaster assistance is to substantiate your financial losses. A well-organized home inventory can be an extremely useful tool in this process.

No matter how you make a list, the important thing is to take action now, before the winds start to blow!

Click here to download an Inventory form:


Please see resources, checklists, and other tips for use throughout the year: www.plastridge.com/Hurricane-Flood