Creating a culture of Safety

June is National Safety Month.

Protecting your company’s most valuable asset – its employees – is of the utmost importance. Take the opportunity this month to review your Loss Control Plan to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents to people, equipment and property; reduce insurance claims; provide a safe environment for employees; and protect your assets.

Business owners that promote a culture of safety are rewarded with many benefits which include avoiding injuries, reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs and lowering the risk of lawsuits.  By simply reviewing your loss history with your insurance agent you can identify your top types of injuries and focus your safety efforts & training in those areas.

There are also many less obvious benefits including avoiding indirect costs associated with accidents that can include:  wages paid to the injured worker not covered by workers’ comp, time spent by supervisors to investigate, handle and report the claim, lost productivity of a work stoppage after an accident, the cost of hiring and training a replacement worker or paying overtime to cover the duties of an injured employee,  and possible OSHA fines and legal fees.  Indirect costs of accidents often exceed the direct costs.

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