Navigating Your Community Association Insurance Renewal

Brendan Lynch, Plastridge Insurance

Condo and HOA Associations are currently facing many challenges they have never seen before, let alone navigating them. The global pandemic has brought real changes to how insurance will be offered too, and we have a few tips to allow for a smooth renewal process.

Property Managers and Board Members of Condo and HOA Associations on the front line have been challenged to make decisions on so many unforeseen topics over the last twelve months that it’s difficult to keep up! Everything from shutting down amenities, to allowing (or not allowing) contractors onsite to complete work, to sanitizing everything in sight, and you all are navigating the unknown, along with your insurance companies and agents.

However, we have come to believe that the last year has been very similar to how we prepare for a weather emergency in Florida for Hurricane season, which is batten down the hatches, and stock up on supplies!

Preparing for your insurance renewal will be just as important to tackle as preparing for a Hurricane, since there may be some of your policies that will need discussions around deductible options, potential exclusions, and the ‘hard market’ that has impacted premiums. As the representatives of your community, understanding all of the options available is key to working through your renewal and communicating that back to your community owners.

There are just a few top items that we suggest to do before and during your insurance renewal:

  1. Read the policies… we know, it can be pretty dry, but it will help you better understand where the policies are located, what they cover (your building, or your employees, etc.) and will also help form questions for the meeting with your insurance agent.
  2. Prepare questions in advance – your insurance agent will (or should) have prepared a summary of your coverages and a strategy to address the renewal, so clarifying this early will make you better informed to make decisions on behalf of your community.
  3. Meet with your agent early – either by Zoom or in person, meeting earlier in the process will help to uncover any potential issues, clarify claims from the last year, and better form a strategy for negotiating for renewal.
  4. Know how old your roof is – it will impact your renewal.
  5. Appraisal due? – go ahead and bite the bullet. Prepare your owners for an increase due to the value of your property increasing.


There are no crystal balls forecasting the future of your insurance renewal (or Florida weather!), but all indications say that with preparation in advance you can all navigate your community renewal process with confidence!

Brendan Lynch

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