Flood Zone remapping Palm Beach County

October 5th will change thousands of flood zones for property owners in Palm Beach County Florida. Those in the high risk zones will be required to purchase Flood Insurance whether from the NFIP (if reauthorized on September 30th) or a private flood carrier. Flood zone maps are used to set insurance rates by predicting how high waters would rise after a storm that has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any year.

About 27,000 properties have been remapped into higher zones. If you are a business owner, or home owner, you may likely be impacted by moving into a higher risk zone. But, if your property is in a higher elevation, you may have an exception. You must have an Elevation Certificate from the building department, or hire a surveyor.

Property owners not required to buy flood insurance are still urged to consider it because flooding can happen anywhere as we have seen from recent flooding in Texas, Louisiana and New Jersey and Florida.

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