A History of Weathering Storms

Plastridge Insurance was founded in 1919, and has seen storms from the very first year we opened for business in Florida. On September 9, 1919 a hurricane came through the region impacting our client’s businesses, homes and families. We saw how these storms impacted everyone, and realized that our commitment was to protecting our clients in any way we could. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/general/lib/lib1/nhclib/mwreviews/1919.pdf

From our first year in business, we wanted it to be easy to do business with Plastridge Insurance, and the service to be consistent and exemplary. Our phone number was simply “1” until the 1940’s, and we have held on to the belief that we are still the first number to call with your insurance needs, especially in a time of crisis.

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Flooding, and Wind storms have impacted Florida more often than any other part of the country, and we know how our clients need help when disaster hits. For instance Plastridge facilitated over $650,000,000 in claims in Hurricane Wilma alone, and over 600+ claims after Hurricane Irma.

Our history is a reflection of our experience in the insurance industry, and a commitment to our clients to keep you in business and your homes when disaster strikes.

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